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Advanced Tree Surgeons Ltd guarantees its prices offer you the best value logs when compared to our competitors.

Like for like (same type of woods and same size loads) Advanced Tree Surgeons offer a better quality log.

Prompt delivery and a quality service are the reason that each year Advanced Tree Surgeons Ltd not only maintains its customer base and market share, but continues to add new customers who become increasingly frustrated with the misleading claims of other Companies.

Advanced Tree Surgeons is a family-run Company of 3rd generation loggers who prides its-self on a reliable, honest and quick service; your warmth is our satisfaction.

General information about wood and in particular the wood that we supply.

1. Seasoned Wood
The process of seasoning wood ensures that when burned it will be to its full potential. Therefore, moisture content & type of wood are the key factors in the weight, performance & cost of the logs. If the wood is not fully seasoned most of the energy is spent drying the water off instead of generating heat for your home. Furthermore unseasoned wood produces more smoke and creosote, which may glue up your chimney. At Advanced Tree Surgeons every effort is made to ensure that burning wood is both a pleasurable & financially rewarding experience.

2. What type of wood? Soft, hard or a combination?
Normally we would recommend a mixed load. Softwood is particularly useful for starting a fire and produces a strong flame, whereas the advantage of hardwood lies in the fact that it burns longer. All our wood is selected from the best species.

3.Firewood is an environmentally friendly source of fuel & also an increasingly cost effective way to heat your home.

Using renewable energy such as firewood from well managed woods not only reduces carbon emissions particularly when compared to fossil fuel, such as coal or oil, but also helps to improve conditions for wildlife through sustainable land management. The majority of our logs come from the Forestry Commission who manage their woods in a sustainable way.

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2 Bulk Bags (1cbm x 2)

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Loose Logs Prices (inc VAT)

500 Logs


1000 Logs


2000 Logs

Loose Logs
All prices quoted above include free delivery subject to distance

Other quantities available on demand
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